Wednesday, 26 August 2015

You Frequently Work Out , Beware of heatstroke

   Indonesia was hit by a long dry season and resulted in the drought that occurred in various regions . The weather was hot not only affect agriculture and daily life , but also can be dangerous for those who spend the whole day outdoors . Sunburn which seemed to be at the top of the head can cause a condition known as heatstroke or heat stroke . Heatstroke causes one's view becomes dizzy , dizziness , nausea , and could lose consciousness . In order to remain safe outside activity , consider some ways to prevent heatstroke below.

   Avoid using layered clothing

Many people consider using a jacket in the sun will protect them from the heat . If you want to skin protected from the sun , just wear long-sleeved clothes and materials that absorb sweat . Too much use of clothes can make body heat trapped and make the temperature becomes hotter than the actual temperature , it actually increases your risk of heatstroke .

   If it feels Hasu immediately drink

If necessary always bring their own drinking bottles everywhere so you can immediately drink water when thirsty. Lack of fluids will accelerate the occurrence of heatstroke and keep you hydrated . The body will send a signal to you if the lack of fluids in addition to thirst , the head began to feel light , lips and skin getting dry , and seldom urination

   Use protective headgear

One of the early symptoms of heatstroke are you exposed head was dizzy from the sun directly. For outdoor activities , if there is no shade to shade , use a hat or umbrella so that direct sunlight does not fall into your head .

   Do not work too hard

Get to know the maximum limit of your body , do not force to work when it feels weak and unfocused outlook . Physical activity in hot weather will increase the production of sweat and the body loses more fluid . If not balanced with fluid replacement with enough water and not only burning fat but also muscle mass can be reduced. Overwork under the scorching sun can also increase the heart rate becomes normal so that if not careful could increase the risk of heart attack .

   Keep your physical condition

Less fit physical condition such as fatigue , exhausted or sick , lack of sleep , will lead you easily fall limp under exposure to sunlight . If it is not fit, you should avoid working outdoors for a long time . Body temperature tends to rise faster when we 're not fit and the immune system is declining 
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