Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Knowing Symptoms , Causes and Prevention of Cervical Cancer

   Cervical cancer is one of the killer diseases that cause healt women dropped dramatically . As the number one killer disease in women, of course, many people are afraid of this deadly disease . Unfortunately the fear among many women who suffer from cervical , very few of them are familiar with this malignant cancer . As a result, they do not prevention . This will certainly result in delays in the detection and treatment could be a mistake when you are diagnosed with cervical cancer .

   Symptoms of cervical cancer
As with other types of cancers

cervical cancer does not come away without giving symptoms. Usually these symptoms will last from mild intensity , moderate to severe cervical cancers have been detected when entering the final stage . Unfortunately, not all women understand and be aware of the symptoms of cervical cancer . As a result, of course, too late to make diagnosis early on. This will cause the cervix handling more difficult.
One of the symptoms of cervical cancer is most easily seen is abnormal vaginal discharge . Whitish not normally happen if you feel pain during whitish fluid out of your sex organs . In addition to the pain , you will find you do not normally whitish color , such as dark brown , greenish or yellowish . For patients with cervical cancer , abnormal vaginal discharge will be accompanied by a drastic reduction in healt

   Causes of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is caused by infection with the Human Papilloma Virus , or better known as HPV . Character virus is easily spread through the fluid and a touch of leather . So you should alert the public toilet users to always keep your sex organs every time after using public toilets concern have been infected with HPV . In addition to HPV infection , cervical cancer can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle that allows free radicals come in and take control of your immune system . Often associated with multiple sexual partners can also lead to cervical Kaner .

   Preventing cervical cancer

The best treatment that can be done to prevent cervical cancer is a malignant cancer that infects you . Prevent cervical cancer infects you , many things can be done . Here's how to prevent cervical cancer infecting you :
1.Conduct tests or examinations for early detection of cervical cancer . This test is known as pep smear you have to do at least 2 years. Early detection of cervical cancer will give a greater chance of recovery .
2.Lead a healthy lifestyle by implementing a healthy diet . To consume more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables than foods full of carbohydrates is recommended to prevent cervical cancer . Vegetables and fruits that contain lots of beta-carotene are preferred for consumption so that it can keep you from cervical cancer
3.Having sex only with her ​​husband and loyal to her husband so as to avoid the transmission of HPV .
4.Maintain cleanliness sanitation house so that the transmission of HPV can be minimized because the dirty toilet water capable of spreading HPV that can infect you .
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