Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dry Skin Feels Like Paper ? This She Kick Overcome

   Many things can make the skin becomes dry and scaly . Dry skin can be caused by nutritional deficiencies that skin cell tissue does not regenerate properly , can also be caused by changes in the weather that makes the skin should adapt to the environment . Dry skin can also be caused by using the wrong beauty products and not according to skin type . Dry skin will feel rough like paper when touched and made ​​the surface looks dull and flaky . Dry skin skin indicates an unhealthy , if not immediately dampened back can lead to signs of premature aging of your skin such as wrinkles or fine wrinkles . Here are some ways to cope with dry skin both for the face and body.

   Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Dry skin is a sign that you are experiencing mild dehydration . To prevent dehydration , drink enough water that is at least 8 glasses of water for adults . Of water in addition to having good health benefits and the key to a successful diet , can also make the skin color becomes brighter and moisturize dry skin due to exposure to free radicals.

   Consumption of vitamin A , C , and E

These three vitamins are vitamin which has the function of increasing the production of collagen naturally by the body . Collagen is the substance that makes the skin supple and levels will be less and less in line with age. Therefore to maintain collagen production remained fairly , multiply the consumption of foods such as carrots , tomatoes , various citrus , almonds , and other fruits and vegetables . Consume natural vitamins rather than injecting vitamins to the doctor much more healthy and safe for long-term vitamin injections can impair kidney function and other side effects

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